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Thank you very much for your interest in joining our team. Please
e-mail us your resume with the following information:

  • your working language pair

  • your background and experience as a translator

  • your areas of expertise

  • your rate per word and/or per hour

  • your contact information

Translator Qualifications

We require that our translators:

  • only translate into their native language

  • hold certificates and credentials in translation from universities, professional organizations, etc.

  • have demonstrated expertise and sufficient experience in their areas of specialty

  • utilize authoritative, current and extensive dictionaries, libraries and tools

  • be well-informed about the translation industry and follow professional ethics.

Evaluation Process

Every translator has to be evaluated before we starting working with him/her. After an initial screening, we will send you a sample test. Your returned samples will be evaluated by two or three qualified evaluators.

We will sign contracts with those translators who received unanimous positive feedback from all evaluators. Contracted translators will be contacted for projects on an as needed basis.


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